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What is the Internet of things (IoT)

With your smartphone you can control the robot that cleans your floor, you receive data from your car or you can manage the heating before arriving home. Perhaps you already have a Google Nest or an Apple HomePod that allows you to listen to music or manage other functions. Well, these are all examples of IoT.

The Internet of Things is the name given to the “ecosystem” of objects connected to the Network. Whether they are every day objects such as household appliances and cars or industrial installations, thanks to small electronic components installed in the objects, they can communicate with Internet using various methods with different levels of complexity.

Thanks to this connection you can interact with the objects remotely to activate their functions or collect statistical data that can be analysed for some economic or other advantages. The latter case is typical of the industrial sector which benefits from IoT to implement so-called predictive maintenance. These are just a few of the possibilities offered by a new technological approach which is consistently present in our lives.