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What is a mobile app?

A mobile app is a software designed to adjust to operating systems like Android and iOS and to adapt perfectly to mobile devices dimensions (tablet, phablet, smartphone, etc.). These kind of applications eases many activities that otherwise would be more complex, like going to the bank for easy operations or driving with a map at hand.

Mobile apps simplify the use of mobile devices. Probably this is the reason why people uses smartphone ever more.

Many applications used on mobile devices are available also for laptop and pc. Desktop apps are known as web apps.

Dreamonkey company is developing mobile apps in Emilia Romagna

What can a company use a mobile app for?

Companies can request a mobile app for internal management reasons or to connect to the outside environment, or for both purposes.

In the first instance, with the use of mobile apps the company can simplify the communication among departments, ease data transfer and allow stakeholders to access specific information. In many other cases a mobile app can be developed to provide customer assistance, to make the use of a product easier or to take part in a loyalty program. In case of both uses, a mobile app could be used to manage employees, work shifts and salaries; or to create a point of contact for customers who can consult a catalogue and buy online.

Geolocate yourself in the forest of to-dos is the first step to be multitasking. The second step is having Potassio.

What are its features?

Broad use of IT support: smartphone


Device always available


Saving battery while keeping high performance levels


More complex animations if compared to browsers


Effective push notifications to instantly contact customers.


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