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What is User Experience (UX)

The restaurant loses your booking and you have to wait for your table. You wait half an hour to order, the waiter is rude and they have run out of many dishes on the menu. After a very long wait the order arrives and it’s cold. When you leave, the owner does not apologise or offer a discount for the disservice. User experience evaluation for the restaurant: 0/10.

The User Experience (UX) is the experience referring to people’s interaction with a product or service. Those who deal with UX design focus on the needs of the user and among their objectives there is that of meeting and going beyond expectations. In the digital world this almost always means the study of the most effective steps to optimise the experience of software for its users. Intuitive commands, rapid pathways, easy access to information… All of these elements contribute to good UX.

Products and services that are particularly in line with the expectations and the needs of users are more popular with the public, they are recommended and increase the number of their supporters. On the other hand, when UX is disappointing or frustrating, the negative feedback can cause an inverse phenomenon keeping the users away or pushing them to better alternatives. The conclusion is that good UX is an advantage for both users and the company.