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What is a User Interface (UI)

Your laptop, your smartphone, your smart TV and any other technological device you may have is a window onto an endless world of information contained in their memories or on the Cloud. Turn off the screen and this window onto the digital world is closed making it unaccessible. The meeting point of the physical and digital worlds is inevitably the User Interface (UI).

In the digital environment the User Interface is the set of all the elements with which a user can interact when using software. They are usually visual elements shown on a screen, such as buttons, icons, charts, tables animations and so on. These components and many others are all part of the UI. In other cases the UI can be less palpable, such as the Apple HomePod Siri voice. We do not see it, but it is essential to use this device.

A good UI is among the factors that are at the base of a good User Experience. A good UI should be ordered, consistent, intuitive, aesthetically pleasant and aimed at the operative needs of the users. In case of UIs for the web frontend there are various types of Design Systems, such as Material Design or Human Interface.