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What is a Plugin

How often do you find yourself working with software and imagining a function that would make a particular activity a lot more simple, perhaps a long and repetitive activity? In cases such as these, if you are lucky, by looking online you can find ready-made solutions in the form of plugins.

A plugin (sometimes referred to as add-on) is a package of added functions that expand the capabilities of an existing software. The term plugin suggests a rapid method of installation and removal. For example, the ad-blockers that perhaps you use to hide spam advertising online are usually plugins that attach to another software, the browser.

Some plugins are offered by the software production house as official extensions, but the majority are developed and distributed by other companies or independent professionals. Since in the digital sector being considered a market standard is extremely important to acquire authority, the plugin developers are often in competition with each other. Many plugins are free to encourage use by the users.