Dreamonkey: 2020 results and 2021 company objectives

How we came out of the year that has just passed and what direction we are heading in

2020 was a year full of unexpected events but also opportunities that came knocking. In this article I’m going to look back on the milestones of the year that has just passed and the prospects for 2021.

In February of last year we waited with bated breath, awaiting the arrival of a new important client whom we had been in negotiations with since the autumn of 2019. Unfortunately the collaboration was put on hold and then Covid-19 arrived. As the situation worsened, we reluctantly left the social life of the office in March and got down to smart-working.

Covid-19 and new clients

During the uncertainty of those difficult weeks we understood that working on your brand reputation can bring advantages: a company which had received positive feedback on us got in touch to invite us to a contract tender for a web app (which I cannot write about since it is under an NDA). We rolled up our sleeves and won the tender.

This allowed us to counterbalance the issues in February and extend our client base. In the same period we found the energy to launch our web app Impresana: an app for companies trying to start up after Covid-19.

Impresana image

The Impresana icon and logotype, designed by Dreamonkey for branding purposes for our web app to support companies dealing with cases of possible contamination.
Partnerships and new employees

Following the challenging makeover of the company website in 2019 thanks also to the contribution of Graziana Sergio, in January 2020 we started working more on content and brand awareness with our digital marketing consultant Alessio Conti.

In August we also started a collaboration to have our blog articles translated into English to reach an international audience.

Also during the summer period, while the world took a breather from the quarantine we welcomed our first employee, Alessandro. After an interview in 2019, he arrived in January 2020 and had to do part of his training in smart-working. During the last months of the year we also started work on international projects with collaborators abroad.

Photo of Alessandro

Alessandro has proven himself to be flexible and intuitive, two qualities that are held in high regard at Dreamonkey.

Despite the limitations on movement, we also focused on opportunities to get in touch with potential new clients, thanks to the support of our sales representative Claudio Panciroli.

Online presence and office improvement

In the same period we invested time and budget to strengthen our online presence: in august we improved the site analysis tools to get to know our visitors better and in December we integrated these technical updates with SEO consultancy.

These investments, along with the consolidation of online content and the new translations, have improved site performance which increased in traffic by 104.4% from August to the end of December 2020, also improving other KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Analytics percentage graph

The improvement of the site codebase and SEO tools considerably improved the Dreamonkey site KPI’s.

After a partial return from smart working we renovated the office space in collaboration with interior designer Ana Tinica. Furthermore, we implemented new IoT systems, such as controlling the heating remotely via web app. If you don’t know it, read What is IoT (Internet of Things)?


As a Platinum Sponsor of the Quasar framework, in July we spoke at the first Quasar Conf which was held online and included participants on an international level. If you are interested you can read our review Quasar Conf 2020: all the news.

Between October and November we also managed the 2020 Quasar Survey, the first example of statistical research dedicated to the international community of developers of the framework which included over 1000 participants.

Quasar survey image

The 2020 Quasar Survey sets up the basis for a communicative relaunch and technological improvement of this surprising open source project.

After three years of managing the communication and branding of the event, in October we sponsored the third edition of the Totentanz Tournament HEMA team tournament organised by the Compagnia de Le Due Maestà association.

Totentanz logo and teams collage

The brand is one of the strengths of the tournament. It was designed by Dreamonkey and has the added value of photos by Francesco Fuà.
Turnover and foreign markets

In 2020, due to the international crisis, we had to restrict our budget expectations. Indeed the projections at the end of 2019 indicated an increase of turnover that came face to face with the reality of the pandemic. We were in any case able to consolidate the results of the previous year and maintain investments. Just as significant, after two years of activity, Dreamonkey Srl closed off 2020 in the black, affirming itself as a fully healthy company.

In the last quarter, thanks also to our external contact network in the IT world, we acquired 3 new clients in the USA in the delivery, non profit and health sectors, our first steps on the foreign market. These new acquisitions also allowed us to come closer to another objective we’ve had in our sights since 2019, which is to strengthen our core business by working on more web app projects.

The goals for 2021

The company is young, yet has great expertise and diversified technical skills. Everything points to a basis for significant growth over the next few years. There are new goals for 2021 that will raise the bar.

  1. Increase company turnover;
  2. enrich the Dreamonkey online content;
  3. strengthen our position on the IoT services market;
  4. hire new developers;
  5. help improve the brand communication of the Quasar Framework.

It is now time to roll up our sleeves and look to the future, which now more than ever means adopting new technologies to support business activities, in particular digital services and web apps.

If you would like to know more here are 6 questions to ask yourself before having a web app done or contact us for a free consultation.