Picture of Federico Schianchi
Federico Schianchi


He has 4 years of experience as system technician at Netribe System Integration Srl in Reggio Emilia. In 2013 he first came up with the idea for Checkyourlife, our current work-organisation web service. He decided, that same year, to lay the foundations of the project with his first two partners Paolo Caleffi and Franscesco Bonacini. The entrepreneurial adventure began and Federico kept on searching for new co-workers in order to enlarge his team. In June 2016, Dreamonkey Srl is established, after 3 years of informal work. Federico has been able to keep the cooperation between shareholders strong and stable, the results we have obtained so far encourage us toward news business goals. This is just the beginning.
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Picture of Paolo Caleffi
Paolo Caleffi

Backend e Android developer

He graduates with a master’s degree from the Polytechnic University of Turin, in 2016. In addition to having launched the Checkyourlife project in 2013, he is supervisor and coordinator of the Backend development for Dreamonkey Srl and Android app developer. His competences consist of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, PHP, Laravel and much more.
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Picture of Francesco Bonacini
Francesco Bonacini

Frontend developer

Graduated in computer engineering from the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, for Dreamonkey Srl he deals mainly with frontend development of websites (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery). Together with Paolo, he was among Federico’s first collaborators and our service Checkyourlife started to take shape thanks to him.
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Picture of Kevin Borghi
Kevin Borghi

System administrator

He is part of our team since summer 2014 and of our founding partners since June 2016. He has been working as software developer since 2011: he worked as a freelancer and as co-worker with other companies, mainly for the industrial automation branch. He has experience in Bash scripting, database administration and system management.
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Picture of Niccolò Menozzi
Niccolò Menozzi

Art director

Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in communication design in 2014, he got in touch with the other partners shortly after. In the company he deals with the graphics, web design and Material Design for Android apps. He is supervisor of the company’s communication too, in addition to the coordination of the graphical and marketing aspects of our web service Checkyourlife.
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Our collaborators

Picture of Valentina Schianchi
Valentina Schianchi

Web Designer

Graduated from the Polytechnic University of Milan in product design in 2015, she currently lives in Ireland and works as an illustrator, graphic and web designer for Emagine Media in Dublin. She has been working together with the team since 2013, during the development of Checkyourlife, making a contribution from the graphical point of view. In 2015 she moved in the Irish capital city, although she has been keeping active her role as external support to the team, which had in the meantime turned into a company.
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Picture of Giovanni Corradini
Giovanni Corradini

Data analyst

Graduated in applied statistics in 2017 at the Polytechnic University of Milan. In 2016 Dreamonkey Srl has entrusted him with the Checkyourlife data-mining system which will be used by the web-service in order to improve the interaction of the users, analysing and managing the datas. We engage Giovanni in our complex projects, when his math competences are needed.
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