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Apply via blind recruitment.

What is blind recruitment?

Blind recruitment is an ethical selection technique. In other words: we don’t mind whose child you are, if you are a woman or a man, what is your skin color or your sex preferences. We will evaluate only what you studied, what kind of job experiences you have been carrying out and what your skills are. Are you ready?

Set up your CV!

Dazzle us: choose the format and the design that represents you best. Do not write your name, your surname, your birth date or your gender and do not attach any photos.

We accept smart working

If you were wondering, remote working is not a problem for us. We value your competence and your results, not the place from which you decide to work.

Now please fill in your application

We will evaluate your application and we will send you feedback. If required, we will invite you to come at our office for an interview ;)

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There are no open positions at the moment, but one never knows!
If you wish you can still fill in the form and send us your CV. We are always searching for new talents and may contact you back.
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*do not report the name of the school/university institution
Did you face work experiences similar to the one you are applying for?
Did you have experiences abroad?
*Only indicate the ones you understand and write and that you can talk to communicate with a customer, a supplier or a collaborator if necessary
At work, most of the time you prefer:
In your everyday life, to not waste time, most of the time you prefer:

Order this items by importance, from the most to the least significant for you

Flexible working time
High salary
Finding you at ease with your colleagues
Working on satisfying projects
Having a permanent employment
Making a career
Working abroad
Working for important customers
Have the office near home

Order this items by importance, from the most to the least significant for you.

Complying with customer requests to avoid discussions and delays.
Applying the best practices of your profession
Finish work on estimated deadline
Perfecting work even risking to exceed the estimated deadline.

Order this items by importance, from the most to the least significant for you.

Clothing appropriate to the context
Verbal language appropriate to the context
Attitude appropriate to the context
You do not share a proposal or decision of a colleague and you know you are right. What do you do?
*Attach a PDF and remember to leave out your photo, all references to your gender, your age, your nationality, your place of origin and the name of the school/university you attended.
*It will be hidden to us for blind recruitment