Your first professional web space

What is a website?

A company website is a business card for those who come visit online. It is also a digital brochure that allows customers to choose your products and services.

Having a website allows your company to instill a solid brand identity and offer to customers services such as booking, consulting an online catalogue, receiving assistance, benefitting from promotions and accessing up to date content.

A professional website is a powerful tool that can evolve into more ambitious projects; for example: it can support a web app such as e-commerce platform.

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Why is important for a company to build a business website?

Relying solely on a social media page nowadays is not enough, neither if yours is a small business. Although social media pages are ever more structured and full of useful information, their aim is to direct users onto a website; therefore is crucial for a company to have it built.

A professional well-structured website guarantees an exhaustive informative experience to the users and presents a great opportunity for businesses to pursue a key goal: establishing a good connection with potential clients.

It is important to point out that this connection requires an active involvement and an ongoing input from the company. Another important thing to bear in mind is that the conversation should be easily accessible from a mobile device as well. Considering this, a responsive website is essential, otherwise users could give up on reading.

In the end, having a website is like monkeys’ grooming: improves social relationships and helps to look good.

What are its features?

Company info online 24 hours


SEO Indexing on Google


Measurable online traffic goals


Important space for brand identity application


Users’ final landing space from social networks


Quick updates


Platform ownership


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