Internet of Things

Software to access your industrial data

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a system of devices that collect and send in data about themselves and the surrounding area using sensors that record specific information (temperature, humidity, mobility, rotation cycles, movement in space, altitude etc.)

An IoT-ready object is connected and sends information that is stored in a digital database, be it in cloud, on-premise or both. By using a specific web app or mobile app you can interact with an object to make it perform certain tasks or the sent data can be used for statistical purposes using data management software.

An IoT infrastructure can contain various types of objects with sensors and even plants and animals. IoT is particularly in use in the industrial sector to communicate with machines and production plants.

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Why use a web app to consult IoT data?

The net-connected sensors are essential for collecting data and accessing Industry 4.0 financing, but, without suitable software, users can’t communicate with the monitored objects to gain certain advantages.

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), an analysis web app, is an actual doorway to this information and the better it is designed, the more advantages its functions can bring. Graphic dashboards, bots and other data aggregation infographics are all essential tools to turn information into operative strategies. The web app has a variable complexity and customisation allows to respond to every client’s actual needs.

Data analysts and managers who need to improve production plant performance and adopt predictive maintenance measures require an effective tool that is in line with modern technological needs so that they can concentrate on the results.

Having an IoT web app would be like having all the fruit in a forest always tell you directly when it is ripe enough to have the best taste.

What are the advantages?

Easy access to data collected by the devices


Constant availability of data collected anywhere you are


Access financing related to Industry 4.0 and data collection


Access and software licensing system simplification


Time and company resource saving


Reduction of maintenance and data consultation software costs


Collected data and network infrastructure security


Have you thought about how to best take advantage of IoT for your company?