Technological consulting and open source component development.

«The IT sector is changing constantly and we know how important it is to invest in research and development to stay on the cutting edge. We are very pleased to have found such a highly-qualified partner in Italy. The Dreamonkey team is fully capable of satisfying the complex IT needs of structured companies.»

Mauro Sanfilippo, CTO

Sme.UP is one of the main Italian groups in digital services for companies and has been in business since the late 80’s. They deal with management software, web marketing, business intelligence, infrastructure management, cloud and industrial IoT services.

We have been working with Sme.UP since late 2018. After an initial period in which we were supporting consultants, we became part of their development team, contributing to the creation of Ketch.UP, an open source web component library for advanced web applications. Along with the web division of Sme.UP LAB (their sector which is completely dedicated to research and development) we worked on two objectives: defining the guidelines and technologies to be used for writing code and creating different components.