UX/UI consultancy and web development for automated logistics

«The Dreamonkey team has managed to design effective solutions even for the most complex challenges, showing great technical skills, professionalism and a sense of responsibility. They have a strong work ethic and an approach to design that includes the management, the technicians and especially the users. An important resource to integrate the company software development department.»

Linda Fabbian, Software Product Manager

The Italian Elettric80 company has been active since the ‘80’s and is a market leader in automated logistics solutions for mass consumption goods companies in the food, beverage and tissue sectors as well as in other diverse areas. It is open to the use of new technologies and a forerunner of Industry 4.0: the intelligent, interconnected, sustainable and digitalised factories.

As consultants and operative team, we have been working with Electric80 since 2018, proposing web solutions and supporting both company IT staff and third-party partners involved in development plans. We integrated the IT department skills by introducing workflows based on UX principles, on UI design and on web environment programming.