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Quasar releases its new user interface preview January 13, 2023

Following a community survey, a rebrand and some unexpected issues, after almost two years, Quasar officially published the preview of its new interface. On 25th December the creator of the project, Razvan Stoenescu, posted a Tweet announcing the news and published a more comprehensive comment on Github. The new version of the site includes many new features, both for UX/UI and the technical side and is a beta version that could see some improvements between now and the release on the official domain.

Dreamonkey is pleased to have led this ambitious project, to help Razvan and the rest of the Quasar Core Team to explore new marketing and communication possibilities that may at times be audacious and in need of testing. We are aware that the work is not finished, but we are confident that we can reach even better results with the help of the community.

You can see the new UI here: If you would like to read about some of the criteria we used to design the new UI, on our blog you will find a related article.