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Dreamonkey visits Copenhagen September 30, 2019

This weekend we had our first real company trip, our destination was Copenhagen. After the summer heat we took a little break in search of cooler weather to discover the famous city of the Little Mermaid. Work is a jungle, we know it and like it, but sometimes it’s good to climb down from the trees, so, away with palm trees and bananas and welcome beer and sardines!

With street food, pubs and giant brunch buffets, in these four days we indulged in everything we could and, since you also need a little bit of culture, we had a look around the city and its surroundings. Some of our stops were: the aquarium, the ethnographic history museum and the war museum, the Kastellet, the Rundetårn, the Experimentarium and Kronborg castle, which inspired the plot of Hamlet.
Special note for Christiania, the famous self-governed quarter with its picturesque and colorful Pusher Street.

We’ve already come back to the jungle, but where to next?