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Dreamonkey visits Budapest July 07, 2023

Finally we went to company holiday! From 28th July to 2nd August we went to Budapest. This time around, rather than organize precise team building activities, we started off with a simple list of possible options and then allowed the flow of the city to guide us. As well as doing some sightseeing, which included squares, monuments, the castle, the National Museum of Hungary and the Parliament building, we also went for a boat ride on the Danube. We spent plenty of evenings in the bars and pubs along the river and in the city center, relaxing with a beer. At times team building can just be a toast and a laugh sitting round a table or an unplanned snack in a fast food place at 2 in the morning. This trip just flew by and who knows what destination we will be heading to in 2024.

Once again this year we were unfortunately not able to have the complete team with us due to lengthy bureaucratic hoops to jump through and despite the fact that we got going very early. It is very sad to see that, for someone who does not live in Europe, traveling legally and with transparent intentions is not enough even for a simple holiday.