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Dreamonkey Sushi Night November 20, 2021

At Dreamonkey we don’t just like software, we also have good appetites. Yesterday, our partner Nick served up sushi for his colleagues in real time in on-demand mode. Just as you have to make sure there is a good connection between frontend and backend, nigiri also requires a special touch to bring the fish and the rice together. In this case, however, we relied on the esthetic skills of the designer rather than the developers. The evening was a success and as always the result of great teamwork: the taskforce of engineers went hunting for tables and chairs in the garage and Alle took care of the cocktails.

Unfortunately we were not able to involve our colleagues abroad, Yusuf and Calson, but we hope to organize an event that we can all attend soon.

If you are interested in Dreamonkey, we are always on the lookout for new collaborators. Visit our work with us page.