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Dreamonkey leaves Google Analytics and passes to Piwik Pro October 19, 2022

On 28th September we activated Piwik Pro, the free web traffic monitoring platform that is an alternative to Google Analytics. With concern for user privacy increasing over the last few years, we have recently evaluated alternatives and we have decided to leave Google to get our site in line with EU norms. So, what does Piwik offer?

Piwick is ISO 27001 & SOC 2 certified and offers a service that is compliant with various privacy norms, including the well-known GDPR, but also GDP, TTDSG and the CNL guidelines. Among the options it offers, you have the possibility to control and decide where the data collected from traffic and users is stored. Indeed, Google Analytics does not allow storage of data in servers outside of the United States, but with Piwik you can choose between the US, Germany, Singapore, Holland and Sweden, collecting the data under EU norms. Another difference is that user data is not shared to third parties and is made anonymous, thus respecting privacy, yet allowing us to measure how much and how our site is visited. For more detailed information on these and other services offered by Piwik in the free and Enterprise plans, you might want to consult its site.

It is a practical, but also ethical choice. Whenever possible, contributing to company improvement by acting in a way that positively impacts others is the way we like to go.