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Dreamonkey do team building in Trentino August 29, 2022

After a long forced break, due to these years of Covid, Dreamonkey is back again with its company trips. From 25 to 28 August, we were in Trentino Alto Adige, visiting Merano and Trento. Among many activities, the focus of team building took the form of rafting on the river Passirio. Rafting is a classic, but still a lot of fun.

Since companies are made up of work, but first of all of people and relationships, we consider it important, whenever possible, to carve out moments in which we can share activities and experiences that are not calls, meetings with customers, deadlines and computer screens.

Unfortunately, the bureaucratic time required to obtain a visa did not allow us to bring our full team together, but we are confident that at the next round we will be able to attend all of them, including those who work abroad.