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Dreamonkey and Robotizr together for a day of team building surrounded by greenery April 15, 2024

On Saturday, 6 April, the Dreamonkey team woke up bright and early to meet at Warrior Park, an Airsoft Urban Arena in the province of Reggio Emilia. The day was organised by our frontend developer Alessandro, who was recently promoted to event manager for corporate recreational activities and who has years of experience in this team sport. If you are not familiar with Airsoft, Wikipedia can help you out.

The Robotizr team, with whom we have been collaborating since summer 2023, has joined the group, together with other friends from the web development and industrial automation sector: a long-standing friend, Massimiliano Braglia, and Andrea Berti from REM Srl of Casalgrande, another company with whom we have been collaborating for years.

This day, which ended with a group lunch, was an opportunity to get to know each other better outside the office and proved to be extremely fun and challenging. Our companies mixed and we competed in short tactical matches to achieve defence and control objectives. We made use of skills well known in the workplace in a completely different context.

We have learnt to give new meanings to old attitudes: knowing how to use silence as an ally, learning to listen; knowing how to plan and communicate first, to achieve success later; knowing how to study a plan together and stick to it to reduce the risks of improvisation; knowing how to wait for the right moment to act, preferring patience to impulsiveness; not wavering when it is time to take action, resolute but with a spirit of self-preservation; knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses, to enable the team to bring out the best in everyone.

For us, work has always been synonymous with exchange and support between companies, two principles we associate with collaboration and not conflict, but it has been interesting to discover that the qualities we have always tried to cultivate in this regard serve a group even when faced with conflict. That said, we hope to always be advocates of collaboration, which is what we believe in.

Thanks to all the participants of Dreamonkey, Robotizr and the others: Alessandro, Andrea, Federico e Federico, Kevin, Marco, Massimiliano, Niccolò, Paolo e Solomon.