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What is Apple Human Interface

If we have to identify a reason behind the international success of Apple, among other things, we have to consider the meticulous attention to the user interface of their products. Indeed Apple was one of the first companies to conceptualise, design and create interfaces for all of its products, to make them as intuitive and simple as possible for the users. Indeed back then, the interaction with most computers required the knowledge of specific languages to interact with the machine and receive the required information.

Apple Human Interface is the company’s current design system, meaning the guidelines that the company has defined for itself and for all the designers who need to develop software dedicated to its products. Like material design with Google, Human Interface also collects indications of various kinds, more or less flexible, which guide designers and developers so they create applications in line with the typical Apple style.

Whether it is the MacOS, iOS, WatchOS or tvOS operating system the guidelines help maintain the quality standards of the interfaces and their interactive behaviour. In this way, not only do we have a professional user experience, but also Apple brand identity.