Evolution pioneers

Mojo, Dreamonkey's mascotte



"You can adapt to the world, or adapt it to your needs"

It is our mascotte, our handymonkey: you often see it around busy while doing some work. It is a weird lad, but it knows its business and it never stop learning things. It hasn't already told us clearly where it is from, but since it found us it has never abandoned us. Its big dream is to become something more than the other tiny monkeys and it is inspirational to us to keep improving as professionals.

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Federico Schianchi


"If plan A fails, the alphabet has other 25 letters. Take it easy."

Federico is chased by time. In his list of priorities co-exist eleven different goals. He is sure that ambition can drive even the most complex system of plans. His logbook is Check Your Life and his compass is an orange approach to life. In Dreamonkey, he is the day-dreamer founder, and his optimism sees at least a plan for each one of the letters of the alphabet.

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Paolo Caleffi

Full-stack developer

"A framework is the bravery that links ideas and progress."

Bored by everyday algorithm, he gives his life a little sparkle collecting travel memories, together with efficiency goals and coding projects. His Master degree in computer engineering gave him the knowledge of four different writing languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP. And two additional philosophies: Angular and Laravel. Inside his mind, Paolo hides the draft of a secret template to put together ideas and progress. In Dreamonkey, he is the forward-thinking founder. He dreams to manage his simultaneous presence in more places through into different screens.

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Francesco Bonacini

Full-stack developer

"Games have rules. Rules are serious. Games are a serious matter."

Driven by his shyness, he developed an excellent self-listening ability. Since he was a child, he knew that computer engineering would have been his favorite serious game. Constantly engaged in an ongoing dialogue with JavaScript, HTML and CSS families, right now Francesco is committed to conquer a framework able to program the exact time when his beard will shave itself. In Dreamonkey, he’s the wise founder. He dreams to hand down to everyone his respect for rules.

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Kevin Borghi

System administrator

"Appearance results from stress tests following one another."

Kevin got to know what ‘problem solving’ meant at only 8 years old, when, for the first time, he took apart a computer only to understand how it worked. His secret to be able to work in any IT related sector is questioning himself on the different systems, using cloud thinking and expressing himself with script. In Dreamonkey, he’s the cool-headed founder. Kevin confidence is based on the belief that every appearance can be decoded.

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Niccolò Maria Menozzi

Art director

"Serenity has the shape of freedom of choice, and shape is substance."

He’s 6’ 4’’ tall but he always keeps his point of view open to meet anybody’s height. Since he was a child, thanks to Necromunda and its army, Niccolò has developed a storytelling instinct for shapes. In the design universe, his galaxy is Adobe, but his real force lies in the yellow lightsaber, Sketch. In Dreamonkey, he is the modeler founder: he takes shapes and makes it into ‘coffee substance’.