Checkyourlife is our online free social-tool,
devised to structure and organise activities, works,
hobbies and your personal life.

Available for anyone on any device,
and soon to be released as an Android app

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Testing Phase

Checkyourlife is currently being tested and we are assembling the ultimate version piece by piece, picking up feedback from our pioneer users. In the meantime we are designing the dedicated Android app to be launched online as soon as possible.
If you wish to join our tester community you just need to sign up to the website and start straight away using the service, sending us advices and critiques.
If you want to learn more or to talk directly to us you can contact us.

Would you like to fund our project?

We are always looking for backers who wish to support the project because they see in Checkyourlife the same thing we do: a real opportunity of an expanding business in a market that has not know a comparable service yet. Interested users mean business and the service has to grow in popularity and expand to the foreign market too.
If you are a backer interested in a more consistent investment maybe you prefer to contact us personally in order to deepen the collaboration terms and consider if you want to take part in this enterprise.
Checkyourlife is a project at the start and Dreamonkey is a growing company: we believe in our goal and we work strongly in order to reach it. We would like to make Checkyourlife our work in the near future and all the support that our users and backers will grant us will be rewarded with a more and more efficient service.
Like ourselves, they have dreams too and we hope that Checkyourlife will help them to make them real.

How it all started

Checkyourlife was born in March 2013 from an idea of our CEO Federico, a hybrid social network, with a dual purpose: helping people to organize and manage their most diverse activities and make sure that the users help each other out in the accomplishment of their own goals.
The project began in November of the same year together with Paolo Caleffi and Francesco Bonacini. In December, Valentina Schianchi, student of design of the product, flanks the frontend as a graphic support and so the core team starts the first phase of the project laying the basis of the web service. A few months later (August 2014) the team widens with the system administrator Kevin Borghi. The team get stronger in September with the arrival of Niccolò Menozzi, recently graduated in design of the communication.
The project grows and new needs knock at the door: December sees the temporary entrance of the collaborator Gabriele Schenetti, student of engineering management while, in January 2016, Giovanni Corradini follows as data scientist.
In 2016 Dreamonkey Srl is officially established, the team takes possession of its own offices and the first phase of investment in human capital and promotion of the service begins.
In fact, Dreamonkey Srl is established in order to support Checkyourlife project as a source of funding, becoming simultaneously a creative studio of multimedia services.